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Mosquito Control Alexandria VA

Tick & Mosquito Control Alexandria VA

Stop The Mosquitoes & Ticks Naturally

Botanical Mosquito & Tick Services

Our expert mosquito & tick control experts in Alexandria use the highest quality natural mosquito extermination products to deliver result immediately! With Highland mosquito control services, you do not need to compromise the health of your family and pets with nasty mosquito pest control products to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

We Combine Our Tick & Mosquito Control Services

When developing our mosquito control formula for success, we found that the exact same process we use for mosquito extermination also took care of the ticks! So, we combined our mosquito control and tick control services. We simplified everything, passing on the savings on to you!

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Alexandria Mosquito Control

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Most Common Mosquito Breeding Sites

Mosquitoes Love To Lay Their Eggs In Stagnate Water

Clogged Gutters

Clogged Gutters Alexandria Mosquito Control Near Me

Clogged gutters are one the most overlooked mosquito breeding grounds. Gutters are mostly out of sight where mosquito larvae can be kept safe. Keep those gutter clean!

Bird Baths

Bird Baths Alexandria Mosquito Control Near Me

The beautiful features in your yard can become a mosquito cesspool. The best way to avoid allowing mosquitoes in your Alexandria yard, is to daily replace the water.

Pet Dishes

Pet Dishes Alexandria Mosquito Control Near Me

Keeping your pet's water dishes fresh make your pest happy, but also the rest of your family.  Mosquitoes will reproduce in pet dishes if old water is not dumped out daily.

"Empty" Containers

Empty Containers Alexandria Mosquito Control Near Me

A single water can or bottle can be responsible for thousands of mosquitoes. Cans, bottles, toys or buckets left our in the rain can attract and propagate mosquitoes like crazy.

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The Highland Way To Controlling Mosquitoes & Ticks

Mosquito Control

1. Find The Mosquito Breeding Areas

To effectively reduce the mosquito population on your Alexandria property, we will begin by conducting a thorough mosquito inspection to identify potential mosquito breeding sites. This Virginia Pest Control Company has your back!

2. Place Mosquito Traps & Dunks

Traps will then be placed specifically for pregnant female mosquitos to limit reproduction and any standing water will be dumped and stagnant water pools will be treated with eco-friendly mosquito dunks.

3. Natural Mosquito Control Treatment

Our mosquito control experts spray a fine mist on all the foliage, trees & grass with our botanical all-natural mosquito control products exterminating the existing mosquitoes and repelling any new mosquitoes.

Tick Control

Our organic mosquito control treatment exterminates the ticks as well. This mosquito and tick control service also repels any new ticks from re-infesting your Alexandria yard. Mosquitoes & ticks don't stand a chance!

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Tick & Mosquito Exterminator

Responsible Tick Removal & Mosquito Control Services

Alexandria Mosquito Control Technician near me

Botanical Mosquito & Tick Products

​Our spray is 100% natural and therefore safe for people, pets, plants and pollinators. It’s made of lemongrass, garlic, cedar and peppermint oils and it works great!

Safe For The Your Family, Food & The Bees!

Unlike pesticide treatments, your yard is safe to play on 30 minutes after treatment. Also, if you grow food, such as tomatoes or herbs, they are not negatively impacted by our treatment and are safe to eat.

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Mosquito Extermination

Looking For Mosquito Control Near Me?

Our tick removal and mosquito control program will help you enjoy your outdoor spaces again. We offer mosquito control and tick removal services in Alexandria and surrounding areas.

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