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Rodent Control Alexandria VA

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Rodent Control Alexandria VA

Rodents Are Nasty!

Rodents are nasty and the consequences of allowing a rat or mouse to remain inside of your home is hazardous to your families heath and finances.

  • Rodent Have Zero Bladder & Bowel Control & Spread Disease
  • Your Furniture And Personal Items Will Be Destroyed
  • Rats & Mice Will Contaminate & Eat Your Food

Rodent Control Specialists Here To Help!

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Our expert rodent removal experts have a keen eye for how the rats and mice are entering your home and figure out the best way to trap & remove the rodents, as well as the craftsman skills to seal off the entry points. Rodent Control is one of our most important pest control services.

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Our Rodent Control Process

1. Rodent Inspection

 Alexandria Rodent Control Inspection Near Me

The first step in rodent control is rat and mice exterminator to perform a complete rodent control inspection. This inspection allows our rodent expert to not only identify exactly what rodents you are dealing with, but also to find the rodent entry points that are giving rodents access to your home.

3. Rodent Exclusion

 Alexandria VA Rodent Exclusion Near Me

Our rodent inspection identified how the rodent entry points, so the next logical steps are to seal off the entry points where the rats and mice have been accessing your home. Our rodent exclusion craftsmen will used high quality rodent exclusion material to block the rodents.

2. Rodent Trapping

Alexandria Rodent Control Trapping Near Me

The next steps are to remove the existing rodents that are on your property. We will used a variety of methods which include rat and mice trapping, baiting. We also use rodent repellants. We only use responsible methods of rodent removal that protect your family and pets when performing pest control in VA.

4. Rodent Prevention

Rodent Control Prevention Alexandria VA

Once we have eliminated the mice and rats from your home, the final step in our rodent control process is to keep future rats and mice from infesting your property again. We do this by setting up a regular maintenance schedule to apply and maintain our eco friendly rodent repellants & baits.  

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