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Bed Bug Exterminator Alexandria VA

Alexandria Bed Bug exterminator Near Me

Alexandria's Trusted Bed Bug Exterminators

Dealing with a bed bug infestation in Alexandria, VA, can be distressing. If you're tired of this nightmarish ordeal, put your trust in Highland Eco Pest Control—the go-to pest control company offering a proven bed bug removal method tailored to Alexandria's residents.

Effective Bed Bug Extermination

Our innovative approach combines intense, dry heat with targeted chemical application, ensuring the complete eradication of bed bugs at all life stages, including stubborn eggs. The heat, reaching temperatures higher than 125 degrees, effortlessly permeates walls, leaving no corner untouched and no bed bug unscathed.

Safe & Eco-Friendly Options

At Highland Eco Pest Control, we prioritize safety and eco-friendliness. Our Heat Treatments utilize specialized heating equipment that minimizes the use of chemicals, opting for the least toxic options when necessary. Your belongings are protected since we raise the temperature evenly to 135 degrees—a lethal level for bed bugs yet safe for your cherished possessions. We utilize dry electric heat, bringing our own power source to guarantee a worry-free treatment.

When it comes to tackling bed bug infestations in Alexandria, VA, another option is the cutting-edge pesticide Aprehend. This exceptional solution boasts unparalleled efficacy and employs a unique application method. By harnessing the natural power of a special fungus, Aprehend adheres to bed bugs and effectively spreads throughout their population, ensuring long-lasting results. Unlike traditional pesticides, Aprehend offers a hassle-free and eco-friendly approach, guaranteeing efficient control for Alexandria residents facing bed bug issues. Rest easy with Aprehend, as it transforms your home into a safe and bug-free haven, leaving those pesky bed bugs behind for good.

Swift Results for Alexandria Residents

We understand the urgency of resolving bed bug infestations in Alexandria, VA. That's why, at Highland Eco Pest Control, we take pride in providing lightning-fast solutions. Regardless of your home's size, our single-day heat treatment promises complete eradication, thanks to our unique combination of dry, electric, and controlled heat—a supercharged convection oven that significantly reduces the time required to eliminate bed bugs.

Discreet and Confidential Service

Your privacy matters to us, and we respect that. Our vehicles and equipment remain unmarked, and our uniforms discreetly display our logo—ensuring nobody would suspect a bed bug treatment in progress. With Highland Eco Pest Control, you can confidently bid farewell to bed bugs without any unwanted attention.

Discover peace of mind with Highland Eco Pest Control's tailored bed bug treatment method, designed exclusively for Alexandria residents. Experience effective, safe, and swift bed bug eradication, all delivered with the utmost confidentiality. Say goodbye to bed bugs and hello to a bed bug-free home in Alexandria, VA.

Alexandria Bed Bug exterminator Near Me

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Bed Bugs are not something that anyone wants to deal, however, when bed bugs happen to you, calling Highland Eco Pest Control will save the day! If you are in Alexandria or the surrounding areas we would love to help! In need of our other Alexandria, VA pest control services and looking for mosquito control, rodent control, or need a termite inspection? We do that to!

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